Friday, September 25, 2015

Kaljameri Games participates in the National Games Day in Finland

Kaljameri Games participates in making of the National Games Day in November. The whole week before the actual Games day, 21st of November, is a gaming theme week in Finland, so we will be arranging something special during the weekdays, too.

All the Games Day events in Jyväskylä will be posted onto the official Games Day website and also announced by Peliosuuskunta Expa, so stay tuned for more info!

The National Games Day (21.11.2015) consists of a group of events that discuss the merits, meanings and influences games can have on players. This day also promotes fact-based public debate about digital games, and encourages children and adults to play together. Activities during the week leading up to the NGD in November are organized by public libraries, schools, youth centres, museums and other organisations all around the country.

The NGD is coordinated by the National Audiovisual Institute and organized by the Finnish Game Educators’ Network, which includes professionals from governmental agencies, media companies, municipalities and NGOs.