Saturday, August 29, 2015

Moving to new office and other news

Yesterday, Kaljameri Games moved to a new office. Here Jarno, Antti and Sauli are setting up their belongings into the new room, which has many advantages compared to the previous one, like walls, and a door!

The relocation was a nice ending for the last few, busy and tiring weeks of crunching before the Running Beer's Greenlight campaign launch on Wednesday evening, with all the marketing and also, what has been going for the last couple of weeks now, some team rearrangements. In addition to the new office, from now on, Kaljameri Games continues as a five member team.

Next, we are going to start developing the final version of Running Beer, the one that will - hopefully! - be released on Steam later this year. The game is currently on Greenlight, so go ahead and check it out, if you haven't already! :) There's tons of new stuff coming, like new markets, new powerups, new minigames, character customization, and more!