Monday, August 17, 2015

Comments about Running Beer

During the last couple of weeks the word about Running Beer has started to spread. The game has been on the news on Helsingin Sanomat, Yle News, Keski-Suomalainen,, Game Reactor, Peli Legacy, Metro and Helsingin Uutiset.

We have especially enjoyed reading the feedback these articles have gathered. Here are some of the most memorable comments:

In these comments, our fans Jusu and Savolaistollukka on gave us the inspiration for our upcoming game series, Accordion Playing Simulator (suom. Hanurisimulaattori).

Unfortunately, we have no idea what that tifikult foreign word "infantiili" used by KVICK on discussion actually means, but what we understood from some random internet dictionary, it is something like "lapsuusikään kuuluva" (free translation in english, "associated with childhood"). We liked the comment very much since Running Beer is, indeed, especially planned to be a game for the whole family and players of all ages!

Also found at site, in this comment, our fan JOOPAJOO points out an important view how peat is the spearhead of Finland's future energy technology and how its production obviously should be supported with generous financial aid from the government. 

In this comment by Jabe^ at we really enjoyed the part "toinen jalka haudassa ja toinen banaaninkuoren päällä" (eng. "one foot in the grave and another on top of a banana peel"), it was a really inventive reference to Running Beer's game mechanics.

One funny comment we found, was this by Mauno Voutilainen at again. It inspired us to plan yet another physics based simulator game, the Kuntouttava työtoiminta -simulaattori (eng. Work try-out simulator) in which the player must fight against the law of gravity and keep his arms upwards, so that his softbody physics mittens stay in place.

Your feedback is really important for us and we'd love to receive more of it! We'll gather a set of comments again sometime in the future, so stay tuned! :)