Saturday, July 18, 2015

Screenshot Saturday 18.7.2015 - Surveillance cameras

This week's Screenshot Saturday pic is about our new surveillance camera models.

We designed two surveillance cameras by imaginary company, Voyer Optics GmbH: on the left is the basic version BBTV-SH17 with VGA resolution 13,2×8,8 mm CCD sensor and 4x zoom lens with f/2.8 apperture value. Best suited for low-priority locations, BBTV-SH17 features one movable axis and IP42 environmental protection level.

The model on the right is the flagship model GOV-1984, which features two movable axes, FullHD resolution, 12x zoom lens with f/1.8 apperture value, 36×24 mm full frame low noise CCD sensor and versatile connections, including Ethernet.

Designed for the most harsh conditions, GOV-1984 complies with MIL-STD-810F standard. Thanks to advanced machine vision algorithms and Voyer Cloud® software, GOV-1984 is able to detect even the smallest facial features with unmatched precision. Target's identity is automatically resolved using the search engine integration of all major social media services and national security bureau databases.