Thursday, June 11, 2015

Playtest event is over - thanks to all visitors!

We had Running Beer's pre-pre-alpha release and public playtest today at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Even though we still had lots of unfinished things to do yesterday and this morning, almost everything went as planned - thanks to the team, you guys are awesome!

The event started with gamedev course teams' presentations, continued with some pitching and after those, the playtest area was open to visitors. It was nice to see a queue forming up to our stand rapidly.

Our goal is to make a game, that is fun both to develop and to play. Looks like we are succeeding so far, doesn't it?

We had made the game easier since the last playtest, but it was still quite challenging. Here Niko is the first one to finish the level and gets a round of applause.

Thanks to everyone visiting us today! It was great to get direct feedback from players and we are going to start adding new stuff into Running Beer immediately. Stay tuned for more events and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.